Become a driving Instructor

In addition to practical car sessions that will help you to pass the part 2 and 3 exams you will receive a fantastic
tailored online course.
Calm TCIT online training package with a step-by-step guide to follow and, each week, build your knowledge and
skills towards becoming a driving instructor. Benefit from easy-to-follow video instructions & resource materials.
You will receive regular communications from us containing a wealth of information about how to develop the
knowledge and skills necessary to become a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor on the DVSA Register of
With links in the emails to videos, webinars, and articles, as well as our Calm TCIT Course Book with TCIT Record
of Progress you will have everything you need to train to be a driving instructor and pass the Parts 1, 2 and 3 of
the qualifying examination with confidence and ease.
You will also receive a resource pack containing:
Driving – the Essential skills
The Highway Code
Know your Traffic Signs.
The Driving Instructor’s Handbook
Practical Teaching Skills
DVSA National Training Standard
DVSA National Driving Syllabus
Car & Diagram Set
Plus, online access to Part 1 questions and hazard perception training via ‘Driving Test Success’
In-Car Sessions
Calm TCIT Online consists of twelve practical in-car driving instructor training sessions.
Evaluating your own progress and recognising your strengths, limitations and development needs is key to
being self-aware. This means you can set your own goals knowing exactly what it is you need to do in order to
improve your driving skills and driving instructional techniques. The in-car sessions focus on your driving
technique and help you develop this to beyond a DVSA Part 2 driving standard; your commentary driving skills;
and your driving instructional techniques, so that you understand all about lesson planning, levels of
instruction, core competencies and feedback in preparation for your part3 test.
Working alongside your Calm trainer, they will help you track and monitor your progress through the course,
completing an evaluation form after each in-car session, thus triggering the next online materials.
Our *Webinars and videos within the Calm Driving Instructor Training (TCIT) Online Package contain valuable
information that cover a whole range of topics:
Communication and Feedback
We look at different learning styles and how to build rapport; different questioning techniques and the importance of asking
effective questions; the use of feedback for personal development, and for the development of the student driver; different
feedback techniques, such as eliciting feedback and the use of scaling. The overall focus is on client-centred learning techniques with a look at the theory and research that underpins and validates this approach.

Coaching Conversations and Goals for Driver Education
We focus on how to hold a coaching conversation in order to address the higher levels of the Goals for Driver Education (GDE)
and how to develop thinking drivers. We use the GROW model to structure coaching conversations and essential coaching skills
of Questions, Listening, Feedback, Rapport, and Intuition. The GDE framework sets out everything a driver needs to know and do
in order to drive the car safely. It shows how the personality of the driver and the context of the journey impact on the choices
and decisions the driver makes when dealing with traffic situations and controlling the vehicle.

DVSA National Standards
We look at the DVSA National Standards and show how they underpin the way we teach people to drive and the knowledge and
information a driving instructor needs. The standards have a focus on client-centred learning and the new Standards Check that
every driving instructor has to complete, assesses that the ADI is giving value for money and ensuring learning is taking place.
Many driving instructors find the National Standards confusing and complicated. We help bring a dull topic to life and aim to
leave you with a clear picture of what you need to know and do in order to address the standards and be an effective and
successful driving instructor.

There are many different types of courses that we offer. You can plan your training round your job and CALM DRIVING offer evening training as well as day training. Training sessions are usually 3 hours long (morning, afternoon or evening).

All training is carried out by David Musk who is highly trained and recognised by the ‘Driving and vehicle standards agency’ as a O.R.D.I.T (official register of instructor training) registered instructor.

Book your taster session below. This will allow you to see what its really like to be a driving instructor before committing. We will provide a 2 hour session for just £50!.


At the bottom of this page you can read the criteria needed to be O.R.D.I.T registered. Of course, you will shop around before making a decision as to which company to do your training, but please ensure that you go with a O.R.D.I.T registered company as the training will be of a much higher standard.

All the training material you will ever need.

  • Instruction Techniques and Practices
  • Driving Instructor’s Handbook
  • The Highway Code
  • Driving ‘The Essential Skills’
  • Driving Test Procedures
  • Official Guide to Learning to Drive
  • Know your Traffic Signs
  • ADI Part 1 Branded Mock Tests x 18

The training books listed above will be used throughout your career as a driving instructor. and will help you through all your exams and tests. We also provide cd roms to help with training.