Become a driving Instructor

There are many different types of courses that we offer. You can plan your training round your job and CALM DRIVING offer evening training as well as day training. Training sessions are usually 3 hours long (morning, afternoon or evening).

All training is carried out by David Musk who is highly trained and recognised by the ‘Driving and vehicle standards agency’ as a O.R.D.I.T (official register of instructor training) registered instructor.

Book your taster session below. This will allow you to see what its really like to be a driving instructor before committing. We will provide a 2 hour session for just £50!.


At the bottom of this page you can read the criteria needed to be O.R.D.I.T registered. Of course, you will shop around before making a decision as to which company to do your training, but please ensure that you go with a O.R.D.I.T registered company as the training will be of a much higher standard.

All the training material you will ever need.

  • Instruction Techniques and Practices
  • Driving Instructor’s Handbook
  • The Highway Code
  • Driving ‘The Essential Skills’
  • Driving Test Procedures
  • Official Guide to Learning to Drive
  • Know your Traffic Signs
  • ADI Part 1 Branded Mock Tests x 18

The training books listed above will be used throughout your career as a driving instructor. and will help you through all your exams and tests. We also provide cd roms to help with training.

All cd roms have ‘mock test’ sections so you can track your progress.

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