Before you start

This page gives you information on becoming a new driver and where to find information.

Learner Drivers

The minimum age for a UK provisional driving licence is 17 although you can get a moped provisional at 16. You can apply for a licence at 16 if you are of the higher rate of disability. You will need a provisional before you start to drive a car.

You can find information about obtaining a provisional licence. You will have to obtain form D1 from the post office and attach a photo card and the appropriate fee.

Once you have obtained your licence you can start driving but be aware your eyesight must come up to the minimum standard. Your instructor will ask you to read a number plate at the minimum distance of 20 meters if you cannot read the number plate the lesson will be re scheduled and you will need to get the necessary corrective treatment. You must also inform the DVLA of:

  • Any visual condition which affects both eyes (Not including short or long sight or colour blindness)
  • Any visual condition which affects your sight (Not including short or long sight or colour blindness) for example, if you have sight in one eye only
  • If you have had sight surgery correction

Don’t forget you MUST bring your provisional licence on each lesson.

Now you set for your first lesson!