Core Competencies

The Core competencies are the all important skills that you will posses when you become a driving instructor. Calm Instructor training will help you develop these skills so that your tuition will be sound and affective.

The key areas are:

  • Risk management
  • Client centred
  • Identify the fault
  • Gain agreement from the pupil
  • Analyse the fault
  • Fault remedy

Identifying faults

You must be able to note clearly – at appropriate times – all important areas of a pupil’s performance that need to get better.

You must be able to prioritise and decide whether the fault was serious enough to bring to the pupil’s attention at the time or was minor enough that it’s not worth mentioning. Recognising faults is the very first step towards correction. You must be able to switch between observing the pupil and seeing what is happening outside the car.

Analysing faults

You must analyse the faults with either the pupil’s procedure or control that you have spotted and brought to the pupil’s attention. You must understand why they have occurred, and how they could affect other road users.

You must explain why the fault has occurred, and make sure that the fault analysis is accurate.

Correcting faults

Once you have identified and analysed the fault, the pupil will need to know how to stop doing it again. Driving is a practical skill so it’s very important that your pupil has positive instruction and practice as soon as possible after you’ve given advice or correction.