What’s Involved?

The Process

Your journey to train to become a driving instructor begins here. The process consists of three key stages: ADI Part 1, ADI Part 2 and ADI Part 3. There is a test at the end of each stage, which is conducted by the DVSA. Our training and support is designed to ensure your success in these tests and throughout your career as a driving instructor.

About The Course

There are three parts to your instructor training:

PART ONE  The Knowledge Training

This includes a two part test. First part is multiple choice comprising of 100 questions you need to get 85 right to pass. The second phase of your part one training is a HAZARD PERCEPTION test and you must get a score of 57 to pass.

The Ability to drive This is a test to assess your driving ability you will have to drive for an hour and you will need to show a senior D.S.A (Driving Standards Agency) examiner that you can drive to a very high standard with very few faults. You will have to prove that you can carry out a number of manoeuvres to a high standard. You only have three attempts at this test if you fail three times you will be taken off the register. If you pass you have two ways to proceed:You can attempt the PART three exam or you can obtain a Trainee License after you have received training from a Qualified driving instructor. The training would be part classroom and part in car role play so that the A.D.I (approved driving instructor) can assure the D.S.A (Driving Standards Agency) that you are fit to teach pupils how to drive. You can then gain experience as a P.D.I. (Potential Driving Instructor) and then attempt the final part of your exam.Having passed Part 2 of the Qualifying exams and completed 40 hours training towards Part 3,your may choose to apply to the DSA for a Trainee License. The idea of this license is to allow a trainee instructor to work with a local or national Driving School, and so gain valuable experience whilst earning an income, prior to taking the Part 3 test.

Some of the advantages of the Trainee License include:

  • Begin to put into practice what you have been taught prior to taking the final test
  • Earn while you learn
  • Experience for real what a learner will do in various scenarios
  • Start to build up your own local reputation at an earlier stage

The Trainee License is issued to gain practical experience in preparation for the part three instructional ability test and is useful for those in the final stages of training. It is not essential to have one, but it is an option that is available to assist in preparing people for the part three examination.

PART THREE- Standards check test

This exam involves you coaching a real pupil or a family member. A Senior examiner will observe your style of coaching and tuition from the back seat.

The test will last around 1 hour and you must show to the examiner that you can teach and coach in a ‘client centred’ way. This means that the clients goals are achieved.

You must show that you can manage the risk during the lesson so no party in, or outside the car is put in any danger.

It is important that the client has time to reflect on their experience at the end of the lesson.